Transfer Content Ownership from One User to Another

Before You Start: Information in this topic applies to Newsdesk Admins.

As an administrator, you can move content created by one Nexis Newsdesk™ user to another. This may be useful, for example, if someone leaves your organization or changes job responsibilities but you want to keep using the content they had created and shared.

When you transfer content ownership, the following content will be moved to the new user:

  • Saved searches
  • Newsletters
  • Newsletter themes
  • Dashboards
  • Analyses
  • Sources lists
  • Exports

Here are some other things to note about this feature:

  • All content will be transferred – you cannot transfer just one content type.
  • After transferring Newsdesk content to another ID, the original ID is not deactivated or deleted by the system. The original ID remains active and can be used to create new content, however, it no longer has access to the transferred content.
  • You may only transfer content between users in the same account.
  • Confirmations for the transfer will be sent to the admin who requested the transfer, the old content owner, and the new content owner.

To transfer content ownership:

  1. Click the [UserID] drop-down list in the upper-right corner of the Newsdesk window.
  2. Choose Usage Stats. The Usage Stats page appears on a separate browser tab.
  3. In the Users list, identify the user whose content you want to transfer.
  4. Click the Actions icon (Actions icon) for that user and choose Transfer Ownership. The Transfer Ownership dialog box appears.
  5. Select the new user from the list and click Next.
  6. Review and acknowledge the warnings and click Transfer Ownership.