Working with Alerts

For some topics, you may want to set an Alert so that you can be notified when new results are avail able. Alerts can be set on searches or on publications. To set an Alert on a search you have conducted, simply click the Alert icon from the results view. From there, you are prompted to name the alert as well as set the frequency and other specifics. Multiple content types can be combined in the same alert

Tip: You can also share an Alert by simply entering the email address of the LexisNexis® user with whom you want to share. Alerts can only be accessed by Lexis+® Australia   users.

You can create the following types of alerts in Legal Research®:

  • Search: These alerts notify you when any new documents meet your search criteria.
  • Topic: These alerts notify you if and when any new documents are associated with a selected topic.
  • Publication: These alerts notify you if any new documents were added to the publication source in which you searched.
  • (Undefined variable: Variables.CaseAnalysis): These alerts notify you whenever a major revision has been made to a CaseBase® record.