Navigating the Legal Research® Home Page

From the Lexis+® Australia  Legal Research® home page, you have flexible research options allowing you to work the way you want:

Reduce search time and avoid sifting through results with intuitive pre-search and post-search filters that help you precisely target relevant documents. Search Term Maps highlight your specific terms — in colour — to help you arrive at the most on-point results quickly.

CaseBase Case Citator® ensures your decisions are based on good authority by cases with over 2 million records. CaseBase® records also include a commentary section, that provides a list of citing references and hyperlinks to commentary documents that consider the case in question.

  • Search broadly or go right to a favourite source
  • Narrow your search up-front or further down the road
  • Find sources in specific content areas
  • Select a previous search from history to run again
  • Monitor alerts and get automatic updates on searches