How do I look up a subsidiary company to add to my search?

The Find Subsidiary Companies tool allows you to view a company's corporate hierarchy (sometimes called corporate affiliations) and transfer the name of a subsidiary to the search form to be included in your search.

  1. Select the Search tab.
  2. Choose the Advanced Search or Guided Search form.
  3. In the Find Subsidiary Companies tool, which is located to the right of the search form, enter all or part of a company name .
  4. Select the Find button. After a moment (it may take several seconds for your results to appear), the system displays the top three companies that match your search. To see all matching companies, select View All Results.
  5. Select a company name to view that company's corporate structure in a new window.
    Tip: To view all subsidiaries at once, select Expand All.
  6. Select the subsidiary company name that you want to add to your search.
    Tip: For faster search times, limit the number of subsidiary companies that you add to the search form.
    LexisNexis TotalPatent® adds the company to the Search Terms box as an assignee.

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