How do I select topics for which to receive alerts?

The modules available to you are displayed under the Modules, select topics: section; each one is a drop-down menu, listing the topics within that module.

Example:The Corporate Tax module is divided into topics such as Tax accounting and audit services, Tax planning and advice, Property Tax, and so on. The Tax planning and advice topic is further divided into subtopics such as Obtaining finance, Operating structures, Loss planning, etc. To access practical guidance, worked examples, legislation, etc., click on a subtopic (such as Obtaining finance); search results are displayed on the right-hand side of the Tolley®Guidance pane.
  1. Click on the tax module for which you are interested. The module expands to display the available topics, with a checkbox next to each one.
  2. Click on the Select all link to select all of the topics in that module at once. All of the checkboxes are selected.
  3. Click on the checkbox next to a particular topic if you prefer to receive information on one or a few of the topics listed under that module.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for each module you want to receive information on in your alert email.
  5. Click on Save. A message stating Your changes have been saved. Return to the Tolley®Guidance home page is displayed.
    Note: A message is displayed under each module name, indicating the number of topics for which you have subscribed.
  6. Click on the Return to the Tolley®Guidance home page link.

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