Searching within a particular module

When searching within an individual module, you have a variety of choices. Notice that the global search bar is now located at the top of the page, containing the original search term or terms entered into the search bar from the Tolley®Guidance homepage. In addition, each module contains a separate Search pod that allows you to narrow your search by content type. You can take your search a step further by searching for a particular title of a document or a keyword.

The following content types are available depending on the module you are searching.

  • Search Guidance searches the guidance notes that are written in plain English. The notes build in complexity so that they start with the fundamentals and then work up to the more complicated nuances involved.
  • Search News searches up-to-date information on changes in taxation.
  • Search Examples searches numerous worked examples that allow you to see how the numbers in a specific case work in practice.
  • Search Templates searches pre-loaded documents that can dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on each assignment.
  • Search Videos searches bite-sized training videos prepared by some of the UK’s best-known tax training lecturers. The videos introduce the subject, teach you the underlying principles and provide a quick test at the end to gauge comprehension.
  • Search HMRC/Regulations searches only HMRC information and guidance.
  • Search Legislation searches only legislation.

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