What's the difference between bookshelf and tabbed-search searching?

Search Bookshelf

If you know exactly what you're looking for in a specific book or source, bookshelf searching is the most efficient. You can search through current books and documents or search across archived HMRC manuals, Yellow and Orange Tax Handbooks. You can distinquish current content from archived content by the addition of a yellow banner and an archive document watermark.

When searching through current documents, you can:

  • Browse within a book.
  • Select multiple books, then enter a keyword or phrase.
  • Select exactly the book you want and enter a keyword or phrase for the most targeted search.
  • Add the books that you use most often through the My Current Library link.
  • Remove books you don't use.

When searching though archived HMRC manuals, Yellow and Orange Tax Handbooks, you can:

  • Select a specific month and date between 2006 to 2012.
  • Select a date range between 2006 to 2012.
Note: The module tabs only allow you to search through current content.

Tabbed Search

If you want to run a wider search across multiple sources or you don't know which source is best, the tabbed search forms provide various ways to do this:

  • All provides the broadest search since it searches all content types.
  • Legislation targets only legislation.
  • Cases targets only cases.
  • Commentary targets only commentaries.
  • Journals targets only journals.
  • HMRC Guidance targets only HMRC information and guidance.

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