What is TOC / Index browsing?

New Results

While in Normal view, you may click on the vertically labeled Table of Contents tab located to the far left of the results page. Upon clicking the tab, you can select additional documents and any or all available parts thereof.

Classic Results

While in Full Text View, you may use the Publication Tree to display a document's location within a publication. For example, if you are viewing a specific Statute section, the Publication Tree displays the Table of Contents or Index of the entire statute, showing the names of the sections before and after the one you are viewing.

Note: The Publication Tree is only available for documents in legal sources.

Items displayed in the Publication Tree are linked so you can quickly view other sections of the publication. In addition, you may tag items on the form for delivery. (Note that changing a Publication View option clears the currently tagged items.)

Note: The features available in the Publication Tree depend on the content you are viewing. If the source you are viewing does not support any of the features, the Publication Tree will not appear.

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