What is the source and terms trail?

Note: Pertains to Classic Results only.

The source and terms for your search are displayed in a "trail" in the upper left of the Results page. The trail shows the path you took to arrive at your results. You may click on a source name or search form name in the trail to return to the search form where you ran the search or click on search terms to return to view the results of that search.

For example, the following trail shows a search (using the terms "bank","duty" and "care" ) run in the All England Law Reports source on the Cases search form. The original search has also been narrowed (using the term "confidentiality").

Cases - All England Law Reports"I" icon> bank AND (duty W/3 care)(361) > confidentiality (28)

If you are viewing the Recent Search Terms within Results, click on the original search (bank AND (duty W/3 care)) in the trail to return to the original search results. Or click on the search form name (Cases - All England Law Reports) to return to the form where you ran your search.

You may click on the Source Information icon for details about the source or you may click on the farthest left link in the trail to return to your starting page.

To return to your original results at any time, click on the Results tab at the top of the screen.

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