How do I search a specific source within an aggregate source?

  1. Click on the Sources tab.
  2. Click on Find Sources.
  3. Click on the Keyword option.
  4. Enter all or part of the source name in the Keyword text box.
  5. Click the Find Sources button. The system displays a list of available aggregate sources.
  6. Click on the checkbox next to an aggregate source in the source directory.
    Tip: If no aggregate sources seem to be available, ensure that you do not have any other sources selected. The aggregate source checkboxes are automatically grayed out when others are selected, because some vendor and data structure restrictions prohibit custom source combinations.
    For example, click on ASAPII Database.
  7. Click on OK - Continue.
  8. Click on the Search tab, if necessary.
  9. Click on the Power Search subtab, if necessary.
  10. Enter your search terms in Search terms, using the "pub" document section to specify the individual publication you want to search. For example, if you want to find articles on authorised genetics from Genetics Engineering News publication, enter: pub ( genetics engineering news ) and headline ( authorised generics ).
    Tip: You can choose options other than publication type by choosing values from the Search within Document Sections Search within drop-down list.
  11. If this is a frequently used search, click on the Save this search link, saving the aggregate source, the terms you entered, and the exact publication within the aggregate source from the previous step.
  12. Click on the Search button to retrieve your results.

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