How do I review selected index terms?

To review all of the index terms you have selected and add them to your search:

  1. Within the Index Terms Lookup tool, click on the View Selected button. The list of index terms that you selected appears.
  2. Remove any Index Terms that you do not require by clicking on the Remove Term icon.
    Tip: The order of Index Terms has no impact on how they are interpreted in the search.
  3. If you want to change the way that an Index Term is used in your search, click on the connector before the term.
  4. If you would only like to match documents that are at least 85% related to your Index Terms, click on the Relevance: STRONG references only checkbox.
  5. Click on OK - Add to Search to confirm your choices and return to the search form.
Note: After you return to the search form, you will have another opportunity to remove Index Terms and change the connectors before you submit your search.

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