Export To RefWorks

Use the Export To RefWorks link to export the bibliographic references for a document to the RefWorks service.

SourceDisplays the name of the source that you have used for your search.
TermsDisplays the search terms that you have used for your search.
FormatDisplays the format in which the bibliographic references will be exported
Document RangeSelect the range of documents for which you want to export bibliographic references:
Current Document
Exports the bibliographic references for the current document. This option is available only if you are viewing a single document.
Export TypeSelect the export type.
Export using RefWorks (default)
The system will first require you to log in to complete the export.
ExportTo export your bibliographic references, click on the Export To RefWorks link.
Note: Exporting is subject to Terms and Conditions (see the "Terms & Conditions" link on the Export Bibliographic References form).
CancelTo return to your document without delivering it to RefWorks, click on the Cancel button.

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