New Results and Document Page

The results page includes features to help you get the most out of your search results. The New Results and Document page has been designed so you can quickly and easily use a combination of new and traditional features to find the exact results you are seeking.

Results for:Lists the terms you used in your search.
Download DeliveryClick on this icon to create an alert so that it runs on a designated schedule and delivers results to you automatically. After you save the alert, you will be able to find it under Search Alerts.
Narrow ByIf you wish to narrow your results further than content type, you may do so by using these options.
Search within results
Use this box to search for a more specific topic within your original search results. This search retrieves a subset of your original results.
Source Name
Click on the desired source.
Table of Contents
Select this option to narrow results based on items within a specific document type's table of contents.
Use this option to narrow results according to a specific topic.
Sort bySelect an option from this list to order your results by a specific type of information (e.g., Relevance, Source Order, etc.).
Select document

Click on the checkbox icons to select all or specific documents.


As you click on document checkboxes, a red icon appears to the left of the Add to My Documents delivery icon showing the number of documents you've selected.

For example: Documents selected

Delivery icons

Use the following icons to select and deliver your documents.

Add to My Documents
Click on this icon to add your selected documents to the My Documents folder.
Note: The application automatically deletes documents from this folder 24 hours after your search retrieves them.
Click on this icon to print all or selected documents.
Click on this icon to download all or selected documents.
Click on this icon to email all or selected documents.
XX - XX of XXX results shown

After you run a search, the application lists the first set of documents in your results, assigns a sequential number to each, and provides a total.

For example, 41 - 80 of 230 results shown indicates you are presently viewing items 41 - 80 out of 230 documents.

Note: To review each page of your results, scroll down to the end of the current page, then click on the page numbers and/or the backward and forward arrows as needed.
Source nameThis is the source from which the application obtained this particular document.
DateThis is the official date (dd-mm-yyyy) of the document.

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