iLearning: Navigating through LexisLibrary (text only)

Home Page

The LexisLibrary homepage allows you to search or browse for the information that you need. The Quick Find section allows you to search for specific information quickly and the introduction of word wheels makes locating your content a lot easier and faster. Explore in the lower half of the screen allows you to search across multiple sources of information for a broader more in-depth search. You can do this by simply entering in key words and then selecting the content against which you wish to run your search. On the right hand-side of the screen My Bookshelf contains your frequently used texts from which you can easily search or browse from the homepage. You also have access to your content specific search forms which allow you to enter more information about your case or legislation.

The Cases tab

The Cases tab allows you to search through a case by party name, key words, citation or by combining the use of the search fields available. From the cases tab, you will access to a source called CaseSearch. CaseSearch is an online case citator offering a huge archive of several hundred thousand cases thus enabling the user to find useful cases easily.

The Legislation tab

The Legislation search template allows you to easily search for your act or statutory instrument using the search fields available. LexisLibrary has fully consolidated legislation going back to 1266. From the legislation title page, you have each individual section to an act hyper-linked. To view the act as one long continuous document in PDF, simply click on the small PDF icon in the centre of the screen. The Find out More box on the right hand-side of the page allows you to access your supporting content.

The Commentary tab

The Commentary tab will give users access to their practitioners' texts with the option to run a search within the practitioners' texts using key words and connectors. Alternatively, users have the option to browse through the publication as if it were a book by clicking on the link to browse on the left hand-side of the screen. This will take you through to an alphabetical list of all the practitioners’ texts within your subscription.

Each of the search tabs in LexisLibrary works in the same way including the Forms & Precedents and the Journals tab. You can access forms and precedents as well as journal articles from these tabs respectively.

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