iKnowledge: Viewing your search history (text only)

To view your Search History from the LexisLibrary home page, click on the tab to My Research.

Under the My Research tab, you have three further tabs History, Saved Searches and Alerts. The History tab will display your Recent Searches and your Recent Documents. Recent Searches will display each search you have run over the past 7 days up to a limit of 100 searches. From this page you have the option to Run the search again, to Edit the search or set up the search as an Alert. To run the search again simply click on the link to run and this will take you through to your results list.

To view your Saved Searches click on the Saved Searches tab. This will display a list of all your saved searches giving you the option to run the search again, to edit it or set up the search as an alert. Finally, you can also view any alerts that you may have set up by clicking on the Alerts tab. The alerts tab is subdivided into two further tabs the Updates tab and the Search Alerts link. The Updates tab will list all the legal updates that you may have set up while the search alerts displays a list of searches that you may have set up to run on a set schedule.

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