iKnowledge: Browsing For a Source (text only)


If you wish to browse the sources that relate to a particular type of content, click on any of the search forms under the Search tab, e.g., Commentary.

To the left of each search form you will see a Browse link. Click on it.

This Browse page lists all the commentary sources in your subscription.

To browse a specific commentary source (e.g., Halsbury’s Laws Of England), scroll down the page to the source, then click on the plus icon to the left of the title.

This will open the table of contents for that source.

Now you can drill down further into the source by further clicking the plus icons to the left of the titles until you find what you are looking for.

Clicking on a hyperlink in the table of contents will take you to the document view.

Remember, you can easily go back to the Table of contents by clicking the TOC tab to the left of the document page if you want to browse again once in the document view.


This concludes the Browsing for a source module.

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