Resubscribe User Form

Use this form to resubscribe a user to a journal.

Lookup Username (text box)If you wish to search a specific user, enter the name in this text box. If the user exists, the name will appear in the User List box below.
User List BoxSelect the user for whom you wish to resubscribe to a journal. A list of the user's current and former subscriptions appears, each accompanied by an ON (subscribed) or OFF (unsubscribed) button.
ON/OFF (buttons)Click the OFF button for each journal to which you want to resubscribe the user.
Note: As you click each one, the button toggles from OFF to ON. If you mistakenly turn one ON, click it again to turn it back OFF.
SaveClick on this button to save your selections.
CloseClick on this button to complete the process.
CancelClick on this button to cancel the request.

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