Edit Journal Distribution List Form

Use this form to edit an existing distribution list.

Distribution List NameEnter the desired name for the distribution list.
Caution:You don't need to perform this step unless you are changing the name of an existing distribution list. Doing so will result in a new distribution list.
Step 1 - Specify Email MessageThe message provided in the Email Message text box will be displayed with every email alert associated with this distribution list. If you wish to append additional information to this message, perform the following:
  • Click on the Append Message link.
  • Enter the desired messaging in the Additional Message text box.
Step 2 - Select JournalsScroll down and select a checkbox for each journal you wish to include with this distribution list.
Step 3 - Assign UsersPerform the following to assign users to this distribution list:
  • From the Available users list, select each user you wish to assign to the journals selected in Step 2.
  • Use the Add ALL and Add buttons to move names to the Selected users list.
  • Use the Remove and Remove All buttons to move names back to the Available users list.
Step 4 - Confirm & CreateReview your selections. If necessary, return to the appropriate steps and apply any needed changes.
SaveClick this button to save your changes.
CloseClick this button to complete the procedure.

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