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Use this page to review the Index Terms you have selected, remove Index Terms and change the way that the Index Terms are added to your search.

ConnectorThe connector determines how each term relates to the rest of your search. The first term must use AND, but you can change all others by clicking on the connector. The options are OR, AND, and AND NOT.
Note: Each connector relates only to its own term; the other connectors that precede or follow it have no influence on how it is interpreted. For example, if your terms include "AND ADMINISTRATIVE LAW AND NOT CIVIL INFRINGEMENT ACTIONS OR ADMIRALTY LAW," the OR connector does not complete a statement started by the preceding AND NOT connector. The search would return documents that match ADMINISTRATIVE LAW or ADMIRALTY LAW, but not CIVIL INFRINGEMENT ACTIONS. The order of terms has no impact on how they are interpreted in the search.
Remove Term IconClick to remove a term from your search.
Relevance: STRONG references onlyIf you select this checkbox, the index term conditions you set (AND, OR, AND NOT) will only match documents that are strongly related to the term.
Note: The degree to which a document is related to a term is called relevance ranking. Relevance ranking measures the similarity between your index terms and the documents being searched. "Strong" references have a relevance ranking of 85% or more to a term. If you leave this option cleared, the system will match documents that have a relevance ranking of 50% or more.
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