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Acts, Finding

Acts, Finding a section

Add Documents to Folders Page

Add Topics Page

Add Topics Page

Affiliations, Global corporate

Affiliations, Subsidiaries

Aggregate Sources, Searching within

Alerts, Changing schedules

Alerts, Changing search criteria

Alerts, Creating

Alerts, Deleting

Alerts, Editing a Saved Search

Alerts, Natural Language, Tips for fine tuning

Alerts, Overview

Alerts, Running manually

Alerts, Scheduling Saved Searches as

Alerts, Sharing a Saved Search

All Search Forms Page


AND Connector

AND NOT Connector

Arrange Documents

Asset Locator Search Form




Biographies Search Form

Biographies Search Form, Using

Browse Index Terms Alphabetically Page

Browse Sources Page

Browse TOC Form

Browsers, Recommended

Browsing the Contents of a Single Source (Tree Browsing), All About

BYLINE Command



CAPS Command

Case Law Citation Help

Case, Finding all references to

Case, Finding by judge

Case, Finding by party name

Case, Finding by topic

Cases Search Form

Cases, Searching for

Change Security Settings Page

Changing the Order of Sources in the List

Citation Help, Legislation

Results Page

Clients, Administering

Commentary - Select a Publication to Search Form

Common Information

Companies Search Tab, Overview

Companies, Creating a prospecting list

Companies, Finding by size

Companies, Finding by UK county or region

Companies, Searching for


Company Dossier

Company Information Page

Company name look-up, Using

Company Profiles Search Form

Company Prospecting Search Form

Company, Finding within specific source

Connection Method Recommendations

Connection Requirement Recommendations

Connectors and Commands, List of

Connectors, Using multiple

Contact Us & Feedback

Countries Search Tab, Overview

Country Information Search Form

Country Information Search Form, Using

Country Report, Finding by name

Country Report, Finding by publisher

Country Report, Finding by type

Create an Alert

Create/Edit a Customised Practice Area Page

Criminal History Records Search Form

Custom View Options Form

Custom View, Setting from delivery forms

Custom View, Setting from search results



D&B Market Identifiers Search Form

Delaware Secretary of State: Report Page

Delaware Secretary of State: Results Page

Delaware Secretary of State: Search Page

Delivering Documents, All About

Delivery Folder (Full View)

Document Delivery, Overview

Document Formats for Email and Download Delivery

Document Sections, Overview

Document Sections, Searching within

Document View with Citation Signals Page

Documents, Delivering

Download Documents Page

Download Documents Page (from Folder)


Downloading Excel

Duplicate Options, Overview

Duplicate options, turning on

Duplicate options, viewing shadow documents



E-mail Documents Page

E-mail Documents Page (from Folder)

Easy Search Form

Edit Bookshelf Sources Page (Administrator)

Edit Recent Sources Page

Edit Schedule Page

Edit Search Alerts/Saved Searches Page

Edit Sources Page


Enhanced Coverage Linking, Overview

Explore Form

Export To RefWorks



Favourite Sources, Overview

Feedback, Product

Feedback, Training

Find a Title

Find a Title Form

Find Documents with Similar Topics Form

Find Sources Alphabetically Page

Find Sources by Keyword Page

Find Sources by Source Code Page

Find Sources Results Page

Forgotten Your Password? Page

Frequently Associated Terms Page

Full Text Document Page



General Settings

Global Navigation header

Global Navigation Header, Using




Help System: Document Metadata Searching

Help System: Keyword and Wildcard Searching

Help System: Phrase and Connector Searching

Help System: Searching, All About

History, Overview

History, Using

HLEAD Command

Home Search Form



iKnowledge: Create effective searches (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Customise my Preferences & All Search Forms (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Edit my Power Search favourite sources (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Exclude documents from my results (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Find publication details (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Locate Biographies (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Navigate the Sources Library (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Print, email, download & share results (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Save Nexis to my desktop (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Save Nexis to my favourites (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Save sources to my Power Search page (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Search for companies (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Search for terms in headlines (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Search specific document segments (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Search using themes/indexes (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Search within results (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Set up an alert (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Set up Project IDs (~90 secs)

iKnowledge: Use the Results Group panel (~90 secs)

iLearning: Navigate and customise my ID

iLearning: Navigate the Results page

iLearning: Profile a company

iLearning: Profile a person

iLearning: Save sources and Power Search

iLearning: Search effectively

iLearning: Use the News search page

Images Search Form

Index Term Information Page

Index Terms, Browsing alphabetically

Index Terms, Browsing by hierarchy

Index Terms, Finding

Index Terms, Frequently Associated, Overview

Index Terms, Overview

Index Terms, Reviewing selected

Index Terms, Using

Industries Search Tab, Overview

Industries, Finding articles using the Industry News search form

Industries, Finding articles using the Investext® Industry Reports search form

Industries, Finding articles using the News search form

Industries, Searching for

Industry News Search Form

Industry Reports Search Form

International Cases Search Form

International Cases Search Form

Investext® Company Reports Search Form

Investext® Industry Reports Search Form



Journal Administration, All About



Legal Search Tab, Overview

Legislation Search Form

Legislation, Finding the title contains brackets

Legislation, Finding the title contains brackets

Legislation, Searching for

LENGTH Command



Market Research Search Form

Market Research Search Form, Using

Market Research Search Tab, Overview

Market Research, Finding by title

Market Research, Searching for reports by publisher

Materials Search Form

Mergers & Acquisitions Search Form

Minimum Hardware Needed

Mobile Device Optimisation, Overview

More Source Types Page

My Alerts & History, All About

My Alerts, Using

My Analysis Page

My Documents Folder

My ID, Overview

My Research Form



Name/ID, Narrowing a search for

Names, Finding variations

Natural Language Search, All About

Natural Language Searching, Overview

New Results and Document Page

News Search Form

News tab, Overview

News, Searching by publication

News, Searching for

News, Searching for terms in the same sentence

News, Searching within headlines

Nexis-to-Web News Source Mappings

NOCAPS Command

NOT W/n (Within n Words) Connector



OR Connector



Passwords, Changing

Passwords, Changing

People Search Tab, Overview

People, Finding within a specific source

Plural Words, Finding

Power Search Form

PRE/n (Preceded by n Words) Connector

Preference Group, Overview

Preferences and Customisable Options

Preferences, Setting

Print Documents Page

Print Documents Page (from Folder)


Project (Client) ID Formats

Project ID, Overview

Project IDs, Changing

Proper Names, Finding

PUB Command

Publication Sections, Browsing

Publication Tree Page



Quick Search Form



RDS TableBase Search Form

Recent Documents Page

Recent Documents, Viewing

Recent Searches Page

Recent Searches, Editing

Recent Searches, Overview

Recent Searches, Rerunning

Recent Searches, Saving as a Saved Search

Recent Searches, Saving as an alert

Recent Sources, Overview

Registering an ID or password

Registration Form

Registration, Overview

Related Documents, Finding

Resolution, Recommended screen

Resources & Tools Area

Result Groups Form

Result Groups, Overview

Results, Tagging documents



Save as Alert

Save Search/Save Search as a Search Alerts Page

Saved Search Confirmation Page

Saved Search/Recent Search - Schedule as Alert Page

Saved Searches Form

Saved Searches, Deleting

Saved Searches, Overview

Saved Searches, Running

Saved Searches, Working with

Search & Results Settings

Search Alerts Page

Search Archives Form

Search Archives, Searching

Search Results, All About

Search Results, Navigating

Search Results, Sorting

Search Results, Using

Search Results, Viewing groups of documents

Search Topic Tips

Search within results feature, Overview

Searches, Creating

Searches, Editing

Searches, Saving from results page

Searches, Saving from search forms

Searching from each tab, All About

Searching within results

Searching, By date

Searching, Natural Language

Searching, Natural Language, Advanced options

Searching, Overview of basic steps

Searching, Samples, Countries

SEC Filings Search Form

Security Settings, Changing

Selected Sources Page

Selected Sources Tray

Self Registration Form

Settings, Changing

Settings, Overview

Shared Alerts Admin Page

Shared Alerts Page

Shared Alerts, Overview

Shared Alerts, Viewing results

Show me how to... training resources

SI, Finding an

Sign in to Lexis®Library

, Bypassing

, Unsaving

Signing In, All About

Signing Out

Smart Indexing, Overview

Source Browsing, Overview

Sources tab, Overview

Sources Tab, Using

Sources, Browsing

Sources, Browsing a section of legal

Sources, Combining

Sources, Customising list of

Sources, Customising list of

Sources, Customising list of

Sources, Customising list of

Sources, Customising lists

Sources, Editing favourite or recent

Sources, Finding alphabetically

Sources, Finding by keyword

Sources, Finding by source code

Sources, Searching a section of legal

Sources, Searching a specific source within an aggregate

Start Page, Changing

Submit User ID Investigation Form

Subscription Group, Overview

System Recommendations, All About



Table of Contents, Overview

Table of Contents, Searching

Tagging documents, Delivery

Terms & Connectors Search, All About

Topics, Browsing by hierarchy

Trail, Source and Terms, Overview


Tutorial: Customising Your Bookshelf

Tutorial: Finding Cases

Tutorial: Search Tips

Tutorial: Searching for Legislation

Tutorial: Using Halsbury's Laws of England

Tutorial: Working with Results



UK Legislation Status Snapshot Signals, Interpreting

UK Legislation Status Snapshots Abbreviation Help

UK Legislation Status Snapshots, Overview

United Kingdom Customer Support Contact Information

Updates Form

US Asset Locator (Public Records) Search Form

US Motor Vehicles Registrations (Public Records) Search Form

US Person Locator (Public Records) Search Form

US Public Records Search Tab, Overview

User Administration, All About

User Administration, Overview

User Groups, Changing application settings

User Groups, Changing preferences

User IDs, Investigating

User Preferences, Changing

User, Suspending, Reactivating, or Permanently Deactivating One

Users, Adding

Users, Changing contact information

Users, Downloading a List of

Users, Reviewing settings

Users, Suspending, Reactivating, or Permanently Deactivating Multiple

Using the Sources tab, All About



View Corporate Structure Page

View Formats

View Selected Index Terms Page



W/n (Within n Words) Connector

W/p (Within Paragraph) Connector

W/s (Within Sentence) Connector

Web News, Overview

Why use the Global Navigation header?



Working with the Help Toolbar