How do I email my documents?

To email documents from Lexis®Library:

  1. Submit your search request.
  2. Review the documents in your search results. Select one or more checkboxes to choose which documents you would like to email.
  3. Click on the E-mail icon icon. The Email delivery screen appears.
  4. Specify your Email Options.
    1. Identify whether you want to deliver all or selected documents.
    2. Enter up to three email addresses (each separated by a semi-colon) in the To input box. Or, select an address from the Previously used email drop-down list.
    3. Specify from the Send as drop-down list whether you want to send the documents as an attachment or within the body of the email.
    4. Select from the Document View drop-down list the view in which you want to deliver the documents.
  5. Specify your Page Options.
    1. Enter a message in the Add a Brief Note text box that you wish to include with the email.
    2. Click the desired checkboxes to customise the delivery output.
  6. Specify your Format Options.
    1. Select a file format for your documents from the Document Format drop-down list.
      Note: Generic format is not available if you are sending your documents within the body of the email.
    2. Select the desired Font Options to further customise the delivery output.
  7. Click on Send.
Note: Check with your company's System Administrator if this delivery method is not available to you, or if you experience problems sending e-mail messages.

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