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Citation SignalsThe citation signal appearing next to a case name indicates whether the decision has received positive, negative, cautionary or neutral treatment in subsequent judgments. The signal is a summary of the annotation information available from the list of appeal proceedings and cases referring to this case. Clicking on these signals will take you to the citation entry for these decisions.
Case HistoryListed here are subsequent appeal proceedings relating to the primary case. The annotation before the case name listed indicates whether the appeal case affirmed, varied or reversed the primary case.
Cases referring to this caseDecisions that have subsequently considered the primary case are listed here. The annotation appearing before the case name indicates how the primary decision was treated in each of these cases. The citation signals appearing after the citation of the cases listed under this heading indicate the type of judicial treatment that each of these subsequent decisions has received. Clicking on these signals will take you to the citation entry for each of these decisions.
Cases considered by this caseCases that were referred to or considered by the primary case are listed under this heading.
Catchwords & DigestThe catchwords appearing in bold text identify the main areas of law dealt with and provide the legal context of the primary case or article. The digest component states the legal issues considered and summarises the decision of the court or the argument of the article. Where a case or article deals with more than one major issue, a different set of catchwords and digests may be used for each issue.

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