My Documents Folder

AllTo select all documents, click on the All checkbox.
No.The sequential number assigned to the document. To select specific documents, click on the checkbox next to each one.
ResultsContains descriptive information about the document. To open the document, click on the link.
Expiry DateThe date on which the document is scheduled to expire.
Note: Documents expire 30 days after you retrieve them during a search.
Delivery IconsThe icons allow you to print Print, email Email, or download Download documents in the delivery folder. To do so, first select the checkbox next to each desired document, then click on the appropriate icon.
Sort bySelect the desired document sort sequence from the Sort by drop-down list.
DeleteTo delete documents from the My Documents folder, select the desired documents then click the Delete button.
BackTo save the contents of the delivery folder and return to your results, click on the Back button.

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