Create New Current Awareness Update

Use this form to set up a new current awareness update. You can choose to retrieve updates on your chosen sources, topics, and jurisdictions on a daily, hourly, weekly, or monthly basis.

Update nameEnter the unique name you wish to assign to the update.
Project IDThis field displays the unique Project ID associated with this update.
Change Project IDClick on this link if you wish to select a different Project ID. Then:
  • Select the desired ID from the drop-down list
  • Click OK
Step 1Select the checkbox for at least one Content Type and at least one Jurisdiction you wish to include in your update. Also, select either the Yes or No radio button to specify whether or not you want to receive editor-selected documents that are relevant to your search.
Step 2Select the checkbox for at least one Topic you wish to include in your update. Also, enter any desired Search terms in the text box to refine your search.
Step 3Select the Delivery options that identify how you wish to receive your updates.
Step 4Specify the frequency for which you want to receive your updates.
Step 5Review the options you've selected. If you wish to change something, go back through the appropriate steps and change as much information as necessary.
Navigational ArrowsYou may use the forward and backward arrows to navigate through the steps.
FinishClick on this button to finish the update process.
CancelClick on this button to cancel the update.

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