How are Multiple Connectors Processed?

If your search contains a mixture of connectors, Lexis®Library processes them in a specific order:

  1. OR
  2. W/n, PRE/n, NOT W/n
  3. W/s
  4. W/p
  5. AND
  6. AND NOT
Note: You cannot use the W/p and W/s connectors with a proximity connector (e.g., W/2, PRE/10).

If you use the same connector more than once in your search string, the connectors operate from left to right. However, if the "n" (number) connectors have different numbers, the smallest number is operated on first. For example, the connectors in the following search string are operated on in the manner described below:

school W/25 liab! AND rugby OR football OR game W/10 injur!

  1. OR has the highest priority, so it operates first and creates a unit of "rugby OR football OR game".
  2. W/10, the smaller of the W/n connectors, ties together the term "injury" with the previously formed unit of "rugby OR football OR game".
  3. W/25 operates next and creates a unit of "school W/25 liab!".
  4. AND, with the lowest priority, operates last and links the units formed in the second and third bullets above.

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