How do I use the Company name look-up option?

  1. Open the Company Information search form.
  2. Click on the Company name look-up link.
  3. In Find Terms, enter the name of the company that you are researching and then click on Find. For example, Apple. You can also determine how the system looks for the name you entered by choosing Containing, Starting With or Exactly Matching. A list of the indexed terms of the company that you are researching will be displayed. There may be more then one entry for the company if it trades in multiple locations or has more then one name. For example, entering Apple lists; Apple Computer Inc and Apple Computer (UK) Limited.
  4. Select the appropriate entry/entries and click on OK-Add to Search. This will enter the indexed terms into your search form.
  5. Click on Search in the search form to retrieve your results.

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