Project (Client) ID Formats

When you enter a client or project ID, it must conform to the displayed format where:

Nmeans 0-9 is required
Xmeans 0-9 and A-Z are acceptable
Ameans A-Z is required
Bmeans a blank is required

Key any of the following special characters exactly as displayed:

+plus sign
?question mark
'single quote
"double quote
(left bracket
)right bracket
.full stop
%percent sign
=equal sign
/forward slash
#hash mark or number sign

The identifier you enter must match the displayed format character-for-character. For example, if the displayed format were XXXBNN-NN, you would have to enter a 9-character identifier consisting of 3 alphanumeric characters, followed by a blank, 2 numeric characters, a hyphen, and 2 more numeric characters.

Any positions remaining after the displayed format are for your optional use.

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