What are project or client IDs?

A project ID is a unique identifier for a project or client. When you associate a project ID with your research activities, it allows your organisation to track and manage costs more effectively.

Depending on the preferences you or your administrator have set, you may be prompted for a project ID every time you run a search or every time you sign in to Lexis®Library. You may change the settings for project ID prompts in your preferences if your administrator has given you permission to do so.

Your firm may require you to specify client or project information to track your research activities for identification and billing purposes. In order to ease administration, this is set as mandatory by many organisations.

You can use the current ID, select from a list of previous IDs or enter a new ID. When you have entered a Project ID name, click on Set or Continue. The name you enter will be used for your searches until you change it again. You can change it again when you sign in or by clicking on the Project ID link on the top navigation bar.

Project (Client) ID Formats

When you enter a client or project ID, it must conform to the displayed format where:

Nmeans 0-9 is required
Xmeans 0-9 and A-Z are acceptable
Ameans A-Z is required
Bmeans a blank is required

Key any of the following special characters exactly as displayed:

+plus sign
?question mark
'single quote
"double quote
(left bracket
)right bracket
.full stop
%percent sign
=equal sign
/forward slash
#hash mark or number sign

The identifier you enter must match the displayed format character-for-character. For example, if the displayed format were XXXBNN-NN, you would have to enter a 9-character identifier consisting of 3 alphanumeric characters, followed by a blank, 2 numeric characters, a hyphen, and 2 more numeric characters.

Any positions remaining after the displayed format are for your optional use.

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