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Search terms

Enter your search terms, using connectors to show the relationship between the terms.

Tip: If you do not use connectors between your search terms, the system defaults to PRE/1 not AND.
Search tips
Click on this link to view descriptions and examples of the connectors, such as AND, OR, AND NOT, etc., which you may use in constructing your search.
SearchTo begin the search, click on the Search button.
Search within results - Terms(Appears only when editing a search.) If you have previously entered any "Search within results" terms in results, those terms will appear in the text box. You may edit the terms if desired.

Select a source in which to search from the drop-down list. This drop-down list also contains your recent sources, as well as the sources that you have identified as Favourite Sources.

"I" icon Source Information Icon
To learn more about the contents of a source, click on the "i" icon to the left of the More sources link. The document that appears generally explains such things as: coverage, frequency, update schedule, content summary, publisher and available document sections.
Show options to search specific document sectionsClick on this link to choose from options related to specific document sections.
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ConnectorChoose either the And or Or connector.
Search withinSelect one of the document sections from the drop-down list. Document sections are specific, predefined sections of a document in which you may target your search. For example, you may search for specific words only within the CASE-NAME section or a specific name only within the JUDGES section. You may construct a search entirely out of document sections or combine a document section search with your other search terms. For more information, see How do I search within a document section?.
Using TermsEnter the terms you want to search for.
Add to SearchClick on this button to add the terms in the Using Terms box to the Search terms box.
Case nameEnter text to search for within the case name.
References to legislationEnter terms to search within references to legislation.
CitationEnter the case citation. You may ignore brackets and other punctuation. Click on Citation Help for examples on how to enter a case citation.
Judgment date

You may narrow your search to documents published on a specific day or within the date range you specify. You have several options:

All available dates
To remove all date restrictions from your search, select All available dates from the drop-down list.
To restrict your search to only results from the current day, select this option.
Date is...
To search a specific day, select the date on which you wish to search.
Date is before...
To search all documents published on or before a specific date, select the Date is before... option from the drop-down list and select the date.
Date is after...
To search all documents published on or after a specific date, select Date is after... in the drop-down list and select the date.
Date is between...
To specify a date range, select the date from which you wish to search in the first field and the date to which you wish to search in the second field.
Select a predefined date restriction
Previous week, Previous month, Previous 3 months, Previous 6 months, Previous year, Previous 2 years, Previous 5 years, Previous 10 years, Previous 20 years.
To specify all documents published in the previous n days, weeks, months or years, select Previous and select the value and the units of time (days, weeks, months or years) across which you wish to search.

Select one or more jurisdictions.

Example: Uttar Pradesh

SummaryEnter the appropriate terms.
CourtSelect a jurisdiction from the list above.
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