How many documents in your search alert results?

When you save a natural language search as a search alert, you can adjust the number of documents that appear in your results.

Tip: When you first set up a search alert, it is best to select the No Change option and to ensure that the documents in your current search results are roughly similar to the documents that you want in your search alert results. You may fine tune the search alert settings later, but a natural language search alert will always be baselined on the original search settings.

After you have reviewed some results from your search alert, you may want to change the How Many Documents? setting by selecting one of the following options:

  • If you choose Show fewer documents, your results will contain documents that are strongly related to your search terms. This option is usually best when you feel that your results contain too many documents that are not related to your search.
  • If you choose Show more documents, you will receive a larger set of results, but some of the documents may not be strongly related to your search terms. This option is usually best if you feel that you are not getting enough documents in your results.

Each time you edit your search alert settings, your How Many Documents? selection builds on your previous settings. So if you select Show more documents or Show fewer documents and then return to edit your settings, the default selection will be No Change. The system still remembers your previous selection, and it will not change it unless you choose another option in this drop-down list. You may return to these settings after each time a search alert is run to move this setting further in either direction. There is no limit to the number of times you may select Show more documents or Show fewer documents.

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