Verify Password Form

To protect the safety of GLBA data, the LexisNexis® Research System requires users to verify their password to search for GLBA-restricted data.

PasswordEnter the current password associated with your Web ID.
Verify PasswordEnter your password again.
Note: When you enter your password, the system runs a security check to determine your level of access to GLBA data. If the system does not find a match, you must enter your password again, or select the Forgot Password? link.
Forgot Password? linkSelect this if you have forgotten your password.
Continue ButtonSelect Continue to continue verifying your password.
Cancel ButtonSelect Cancel to cancel verifying your password.
Tip: When you select Cancel, the next page you see depends on your entry point to the Verify Password screen.
From the Source Selection
Cancel button returns to the Terms of Use screen
From the History list
Cancel button returns to the History list
From the Alert list
Cancel button returns to the Alert list
Session Time-out
Cancel button returns to the Terms of Use screen

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