LexisNexis® Public Records Text-only Tutorial

This Product Tour introduces Searching Public Records with Nexis ®.

LexisNexis ® presents new easy-to-use consolidated search forms for faster, more efficient public records research. With these forms, you can quickly search across all relevant sources with a single search. Your results appear in a report that gives you a comprehensive view of the person, business or location you are researching.

Let’s take a look at a Comprehensive Person Search. At the search form, first select permissible use options to access regulated data. By selecting a permissible use, you are certifying that the data returned to you will be used only for that purpose. Then enter information in at least one field on the form, such as "Last Name". The more information you enter, the more targeted the report will be. To run the search, select the Search button.

The search results appear in a cite list that gives you enough information to quickly identify items of interest. The list includes links to additional information that may be helpful in your research. For example, you can select an address to find related people and locations. To access the full report on a specific person, select the person's name.

The full person report gives you a complete view of the information available for the person, from all relevant sources. The table of contents makes it easy to view a specific report section. Note that a dollar sign next to a report section link indicates that the source is not in your subscription plan. To go to a specific report section, such as Potential Relatives, select the corresponding link in the table of contents.

To learn more about the source of information in the report, go to the Sources section. It includes links to the original source documents so you can validate sources. To access the source documents, click the source link. To return to the full report from a source document, select the Back to Report link.

The Next Steps links in the full report lead you to even more information about the properties, people and businesses mentioned in the report. The “Visualize this report” link displays the report information as an image. The image makes it easy to understand the relationships between people, places and information in the report. To print, email, or save the full report, click the appropriate icon.

The Alert feature can send you automatic updates on your research subject. To set up an alert, click the Save as Alert link. At the Save as Alert form, just enter a name for the alert, and select the report sections you want to receive updates on. Then choose how often you want to receive updates, and how you want them delivered to you. To activate the alert, click the Save as Alert button.

The Person report we’ve discussed here gives you the most comprehensive view of public records information available for your research subject. If you only need a specific type of information, you can create a report for just that. Menus on the Public Records sources page include links to targeted searches. To access the menus, select the on Person, Business or All Searches tabs.

That concludes the Searching Public Records tutorial.

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