The Results page displays basic information, in a numbered list, about the documents your search found. From this page, you may:

  • Click any active link to view the document in Full format.
  • Click a link to display a more detailed report.
  • Make your results more specific with the Narrow Search feature
  • Search further using a related search form.
  • Mark specific files to display, print, email or download.
  • Save the search that produced these results.


You may change the results display by selecting one of the following view formats from the View drop-down list.

  • Results List -- Displays document names in a numbered list. It also displays basic information about the documents such as jurisdiction/court and publication date.
  • Full -- Displays the complete text of the documents your search found.
Navigate Report

Click a link in this section to perform a related search. For example, click "Address Report" for a more in-depth address search.

Further Searches

Click a link in this section to go to a specific location in the report page, such as the Real Property section. Click "Close" to close the list, and click "Close" to display it again.

Visualize This Report

Click this link to display a graphic image displaying how the individual pieces of information in this report relate to each other.

Results Navigation Arrows (Next/Previous)

At the top of the page, click these buttons to go to the previous and next pages of your results.

Previous Click to view the previous page of results.

Next Click to view the next page of results.

At the bottom of the page in List view, click these buttons to skip through larger sets of results at one time.

Create an Alert

Create Alert Click this icon to set this search up to run on a schedule that you specify and deliver results to you automatically.

Delivery Icons

Click one of the following icons to print, email, or download your results. For more information, click the Tips link on the Print, Email, or Download form.

Print Icon Print all or selected documents to an attached printer.

Email Icon Email all or selected documents to one or more email addresses.

Download Icon Download all or selected documents to a file.


The search terms you entered.

Select for Narrow Search or Delivery

Use these checkboxes to mark one or more documents for a Narrow Search or for delivery later in your session. You can mark several documents, then click Narrow Search or a delivery option (such as Print or Email) and the document numbers for those you marked will be displayed on the Narrow Search or delivery form.

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