Real Property Loan Risk Scoring Report Search Form

The Real Property Loan Risk Scoring Report Search Form aids in identifying high-risk loans on residential and commercial properties by finding indicators such as double escrow, flip indicators, HUD and other factors.

To search, select a permissible use from the drop-down lists on the form, then complete the fields on the form and click Search. You must enter data in at least one field; you don't need to enter data for every field.

Permissible UsesSelect a permissible use from the drop-down list.
Parcel Number

Enter the parcel number from the property description.

Last NameEnter the person's last name. If you are not sure of the correct spelling, select Find similar-sounding last names. Your search will find names that match, sound like, or are spelled similarly to the name.
Example: If you enter klein, your search will also find records with the last names "Cline" and "Kline".
First NameEnter the person's first name or initial. Select the Find nicknames of first name to find alternatives to the first name you specify.
Example: If you enter robert, your search will also find records with the nicknames "Rob" and "Robbie".
Residential Type

Select the type of residence or select "All Residential Types".

Loan Amount

Enter the loan amount.

Retro Value Date

Enter the date, using two digits for the month, two digits for the day and four digits for the year, separated by slashes (/).

Example: 01/01/2009

Property Value

Enter the property value.

Loan Purpose Type

Select the type of loan or select "All".

Street AddressEnter a complete or partial street address.

10 Brown Street

fifth st


Enter the city of residence for the person you are looking for. Your search will find results for the exact city name as well as for associated city names.

Example: If you enter Skokie (and Illinois for the state) your search will find records for Chicago as well as for Skokie.
StateSelect the state the person resides in or select All Available States.
Zip CodeYou can enter a zip code to limit your search to a specific geographical area. We recommend you limit your entry to the 5-digit form most commonly used.
SearchClick the Search button to begin your search.
Clear FormClick the Clear Form link to clear all the data you have entered in the fields.

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