How Do I Print My Documents?

Follow these steps to print your documents:

  1. Submit your search request.
  2. Review the documents in your search results and select one or more documents to print.
  3. Click the print icon (Print).
  4. Complete the print form, selecting:
    • Document View - either Results List or Full Document
    • Page Options - whether you want each document to be on a new page
    • Formatting Options - which documents you would like to print
  5. Click OK. A Processing Delivery page appears followed by the print request results.
  6. Use your browser’s print functions to print the requested results. Note that the print request will also be saved in your search history, where you can access it later.
Note: Your Microsoft® Internet Explorer browser might be configured to open your file in Internet Explorer instead of in the appropriate Microsoft® Office program. To configure your browser to open Office files appropriately, go to

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