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Enter the FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number, the identifier for a business entity) for the company. You can use the following formats:

123 45 6789

Enter the company's "Doing Business as" name (also known as the fictitious business name).

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Street Address 2Enter the second line of the street address, if necessary.

Enter the city of residence for the person you are looking for. Your search will find results for the exact city name as well as for associated city names.

Example: If you enter Skokie (and Illinois for the state) your search will find records for Chicago as well as for Skokie.
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Zip CodeYou can enter a zip code to limit your search to a specific geographical area. We recommend you limit your entry to the 5-digit form most commonly used.
Work TelephoneEnter a telephone number and Ext (extension), preceded by the area or country code if you know it. Most common telephone entry formats are supported.
1235551234 3384
(123) 555-1234  2834
123 555 1234  1823
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