Help System: Document Metadata Searching

Note: This article is related to searching the Online Help System - not LexisNexis® TotalPatent™. No comparable search function exists for LexisNexis® TotalPatent™.
Example QueryDescription

Search for documents categorised as tasks. The options within the help system are:

  • concept - Overview documents
  • field - Page descriptions
  • reference - Reference materials (e.g., tables of document delivery formats, search connector and command reference materials)
  • task - "How Do I...?" files
  • topic - "All About..." documents

For example, to find all reference information about the W/n connector, enter:

page@type:reference AND "within n words"

This search returns the reference files for both the W/n and NOT W/n connectors.


Wildcard search for documents that contain the word narrow* in the title.

For example, to find all "All About" information about searching, enter:

page@type:topic AND search*

This search returns all high-level topics that contain the word "search".

Using More than One Metadata Item in Your Search

To refine your search, you may want to use both page types and titles in your search query.

For instance, if you wanted to find all of the "How Do I...?" files in the help system related to printing, you would enter:

page@type:task AND title:print*

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