Rules for Form Searching

Form searching differs slightly from terms and connectors searching. For form searching, however, the following search rules apply:

Can I use connectors and wildcards on this form?Connectors do not work on the form search. You can use wildcards (*) or truncation characters (!) in any of the fields when creating your search, though.

For example, to find the company name McLaughlin or McLachlin when you don't know which spelling is used, you can enter McL****lin.

How are the text fields searched together?An AND is assumed.

For example, if you enter gates in the Last Name field, bill in the First Name field, and microsoft in the Company field, the search will run as gates AND bill AND microsoft.

What types of content can I enter in each text field?Enter only alphabetic characters, numbers, and spaces and wildcard characters (* or !) in the fields. For example: anders*n.

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