How Do I Create a Basic Terms & Connectors Search?

You can add Boolean terms and connectors to your search by entering them in the Additional Terms field on the search form. To display the Additional Terms field, select Terms and Connectors on the search form. You'll see some, but not all, of the same fields as on the form search, plus the Additional Terms field.

To create a Boolean search, start with terms and phrases that reflect ideas essential to your research. Then include connectors (such as AND and OR) to link the terms and phrases, and other special characters to search for word variations.

  1. Select a permissible use from the drop-down lists on the form.
  2. Select Terms and Connectors Search.
  3. Enter terms in at least one field on the form in addition to the Additional Terms field. You can use wildcards (! or *) but not connectors in any of the fields.
  4. Enter your search terms and connectors in the Additional Terms field. Refer to the list of connectors for more information.
  5. If you wish, select a date from the drop-down list, if available.
  6. Click Search.

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