Using Nexis Uni® URL API

Note: The information in this topic applies to Lexis Advance® URL API users. This application programming interface (API) lets users execute tasks in Nexis Uni® using URLs, rather than the standard user interface. Please contact your LexisNexis representative if you would like additional information about this feature.

This page provides a list of help topics that describe how to use the Nexis Uni URL API. Click the headings below to view more detail.

The Basic URL

Search Parameters

Retrieving a Single Document

Other URLs

Browse Topics Parameter

Display a Shepard's® Report for a Specific Citation

Display a Table of Contents for a Specific Source

Open a Specific Area

Open a Specific Context

Open the Settings Page

Retrieve a Document By Its Citation

Retrieve a Document by Its ID

Retrieve a Document by Its URN (Uniform Resource Name)

Search In a Specific Source

Search in a Specific Content Type

Search in a Specific Jurisdiction

Search in a Specific Practice Area

Setting a Starting or Ending Date

Using Pre-filters

Using Search Terms

Values for the Area Parameter

Values for the Jurisdiction Parameter

Values for the Practice Area Parameter

Using Lexis Advance® URL API


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