Help Topics for Nexis Uni®

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 + Getting Started with Nexis Uni®

 + Getting Started

 + Searching for Information

 + Searching with Nexis Uni®

 + Using Connectors and Commands to Search

 + Browsing for Information

 + Searching Specific Sources & Topics and Using Pre-search Filters

>Selecting Sources

 + Reviewing Search Results

 + Saving Searches and Filters as Favorites So You Can Use Them Again

 + Working with Full Documents

 + Working with Your Search Results

 + Delivering Documents (Print, Email, Download, Dropbox)

 + Deliver Your Results

 + Working with Alerts

 + Working with Alerts

 + Working with Notifications

 + Notifications

 + Using the Shepard's Citations Service

 + Performing Citation Searches

 + Working with Shepard's Alert® searches

 + Working with Folders

 + Saving Research to Work Folders

 + Working with History

 + Using History

 + Using the Nexis Uni Research Map

 + Nexis Uni® URL API Help

>The Basic URL

 + Search Parameters

 + Retrieving a Single Document

 + Other URLs

>Using Lexis Advance® URL API

 + Contacting LexisNexis

 + Contact Us

 + Searching Online Help

 + Searching the Online Help