What are ZIP files?

ZIP files are files consisting of one or more other files that have been compressed to lessen their overall size. They often use the .ZIP file extension.

When you use Lexis Advance Quicklaw to email or download documents or to send them to Dropbox, you can choose to send or save the files in a ZIP file. ZIP files offer the following advantages:

  • Some email servers are unable to accept large file sizes. Compressing the files may reduce them to an acceptable size.
  • Compressed files take up less space in the recipient's email inbox.
  • When downloading or sending to Dropbox, compressed files take up less space in your selected storage location.
Note: Files stored in a ZIP archive file can be viewed and/or extracted from the archive file using WinZip®, an application that can be purchased and downloaded from this location: http://www.winzip.com/downwz.htm.

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