How do I view the search terms in my results graphically?

The graphical view shows the location and distribution of each of your search terms in each of the documents in your results in a graphical display. The graphical view is available in both your results list and in the full document. At a glance, this view gives you an idea of how often your search terms occur in your results or a specific document, which terms appear in close proximity to others, and which segments they appear in. You can use the graphical view to navigate directly to points in your documents where your terms appear together, or select a highlighted term to view an extract of the document where the term appears.

When you run a search, the graphical view displays a list of your search terms at the top of your results, each highlighted by a different color. The color of each search term corresponds with the lines in a search term location bar displayed in each document in your results. The search term location bar is divided into the same segments that occur in the document. The highlighted search terms are also displayed in the excerpt of text displayed with each document.

  1. Run a search.
  2. When your results are displayed, select the graphical view Graphical view.
  3. Do one of the following:
    To...Do This
    Change the search terms that are analyzed.Select Show/hide term hits. Select the terms you want analyzed.
    Display all analyzed search terms with a single highlight color.

    Slide Multicolor to the off position.

    View other extracts from the documentSelect one of the other highlighted areas in the search term location bar that is outlined in blue (indicates an available extract).
    Go to the location in the document where your search terms appear.

    Select View this passage in full document below the extract.

    View the full document with the same terms and highlighting as in the results listSelect the document title.
    Analyze different terms in the full documentSelect Show/hide term hits. Select the terms you want analyzed.
    Turn off the graphical viewSelect the full or title view icon at the top of the results list (Full viewTitle view.
    Note: For information about locating your search terms in the full graphical view, see What are the caret symbols in the full graphical view of a document from my results?

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