What is the Browse Sources option?

You can use the Browse Sources option to browse the sources contained in your subscription plan. After you find a source important to your research, you can:

  • View information about the source
  • Get all source documents
  • Add the source to your current search as a filter
  • Create a publication alert

Viewing information about a source

This option displays the name of the source's publisher, the period of time covered, the publication frequency, the update schedule, and a description of the information contained in the source.

Getting all source documents

This option generates a results list containing all the documents contained in the selected source.

Adding sources to your current search as a filter

After you locate a specific source, you can add the source to the current search as a filter in order to limit the search to only documents contained in the source.

Note: You can also select the Add All These as Search Filters button at the top of any list of sources to add all the sources on that page as search filters.

For more information on searching, see How do I create effective searches?

Creating a publication alert

This option displays the Publication Alert dialogue box which you can use to create an alert to notify you if and when any new documents subsequently become associated with the selected source. For more information, see What is an alert?

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