How do I search specific segments?

In Lexis Advance Quicklaw, documents of the same type have similar structures and contain certain sections and data elements in common. For example, all case documents contain the case name, citation, judge's name, and so on. These common document sections and data elements are called segments, and Lexis Advance Quicklaw enables you to limit your searches to these specific segments. Segment searching is especially useful when you are looking for:

  • Opinions written by a specific judge
  • Cases involving a specific party
  • Cases in which a particular lawyer or firm appeared as counsel

To limit searches to specific segments, enter the segment name followed by your search terms in parentheses. For example, the following segment search unit uses the "judge" segment to find case documents for which "stone" was one of the judges:


Note: If you are using the Advanced Search page, the options on the form replace the need for segment searching. For more information about the options available with Advance Search, see Using the Advance Search Form.

Which segments are searchable in Lexis Advance Quicklaw?

The segments you can search vary by type of document. Select each of the links below to determine the segments you can search.

You may also search types of documents at a more granular level, as indicated below. Select each of the links below to for more information.

Using natural language or terms & connectors in segment search units

You can use either natural language or terms & connectors within a segment search unit. For example, the following segment search units are both valid and produce the same results:

  • judge(brown stone)
  • judge(brown or stone)

For more information, see What is natural language vs. terms & connectors searching?

Using multiple segment search units and/or mixing them with standard search terms

You can include multiple segment search units in a single search entry, and/or you can mix them with standard search terms. For example, the following searches are all possible:

  • court(FCA) and judge(brown)
  • right to counsel and judge(brown)
  • right to counsel and court(FCA) and judge(brown)

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