How do I save selected document text to a folder?

You can select text from an open document and save it in a Lexis Advance Quicklaw folder.

To save selected text from an open document to a folder, follow these steps.

  1. Use your computer's pointing device to select the text you want to save. The selected text menu appears.
  2. Select Add to folder. The Add to Folder dialogue box appears.
  3. In the Document Title box, if you want to amend the suggested title, enter the title you want.
  4. In the Notes text box, enter any notes you want to save with the selected text. After you access the folder in which you save the items, any notes you have entered appear immediately below the selected text's title.
  5. In the Save In section, select the name of the folder in which you want to save the selected text. If no folder yet exists, or if you want to create a new folder, select Create New Folder, type the name of the new folder, and select Create.
  6. On the Share With Others tab, in the Select contacts to share text box, enter the first or last name or the email address of a user with whom you want to share the selected text. As you are typing, a list of user names may appear matching the characters you have typed. If you see the user name you want, you can select it from the list. Likewise, if the Recent contacts list appears and contains the user name or user's email address, you can select it from that list. After you have identified a user in any of these ways, select Add. After you add the name, it appears in the Shared With list. Select either Editor or Viewer, depending on the user's role. Repeat this process for each user.
  7. Select Save to save the text.

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