Results List page

After you run a search that produces multiple results, Lexis Advance Quicklaw displays a results page consisting of two panes. The left pane lists the content types you searched and contains filters that enable you to narrow your results. The right pane initially lists either a snapshot of all results or the results for one of the content types you searched.

Tip: The Settings option enables you to specify what results should initially appear in the right pane when you search multiple content types. For more information, see Display search results in this content type first in the Settings help article.

In snapshot view, you can select a specific content type from the Jump to drop-down list to go directly to the snapshot view for that content type. To view all results for a given content type, select the name of the content type in the left pane or, in snapshot view, select the View all link below the list of results for that content type. By default, no more than 25 results are listed per page. You can use the Settings option to increase that limit to 50 or to reduce it to 10.

Within a results list, a document title may identify multiple documents (e.g., a QuickCITE® record and/or documents associated with one or more case reporters). When a title identifies multiple documents, a list of the parallel citations appears immediately below the title. Citations for reports that are accessible within Lexis Advance Quicklaw appear as hyperlinks, and you can select these hyperlinks to display the associated reports. (You can select the QuickCITE® signal to display the QuickCITE record.)

If a document falls outside your subscription plan, either a Get It Now! link appears below the title or an Additional Charges Will Apply icon (Additional Charges Will Apply) appears below the title to the left of each of the parallel citation hyperlinks. If you select the Get It Now! link, you will be accepting the listed charges, and the document will appear. If you select a parallel citation preceded by an Additional Charges Will Apply icon (Additional Charges Will Apply), the Additional Charges Will Apply page appears, where you either accept the charges and access the document or cancel the transaction. For more information on accessing documents outside your subscription plan, see Accessing documents outside your subscription plan.

Results for: [Search Term]Heading
AlertSelect this to save your search as an alert. An alert is a search you save to run automatically at intervals you specify. You can use alerts to check for new results over time. For more information, see Working with Alerts

Select this to display the following list of actions you can take related to the search itself. (Some of these options may not appear, depending on the type of results list.)

Add search to folder
Select to save your search to a folder.
Run search as terms & connectors / Run search as natural language
Select to run the search again as either a terms & connectors search or as a natural language search.
Include legal phrase equivalents / Exclude legal phrase equivalents
Select to run the search again by either expanding it to include legal phrase equivalents or to remove legal phrase equivalents.
Expanded results / Fewer results
Select to expand the list to include all results or to narrow the list to fewer (only the top) results.
Note: This option appears only if the search has been run as a natural language search. You can use the Settings option to specify whether you want only the standard (i.e, top) results or expanded (i.e., all) results to appear by default for natural language searches.
Link to this page
Select to open a dialogue box that enables you to generate a permanent hyperlink to the current page you are viewing. For more information, see Link to This Page dialogue box.
Did you mean: [term]?You may see suggested search terms here if Lexis Advance Quicklaw determines that terms different from the terms you entered might improve your search results. Select the suggested terms if you want to view the results for the suggested terms.
Content Types (Cases, Legislation, Quantums, etc.)Select the type of results you want to view.
Select Full View or Condensed View

Select these icons to display the results in either full or condensed view (the selected view appears with a dark background). Full view lists all available information for each document, including document overviews, excerpts, and so on. Condensed view lists only minimal information for each document.

You can use the Settings option to specify which view you want to appear by default. For more information, see Choose how much detail to include for each result. You can also use the Settings option to specify what information should appear in full view. For more information, see Content Type Display.

Narrow By

Appears only after a content type is selected.

Search Within Results

Use this search box to narrow your list to only results containing the search terms you enter. After you filter your list with one or more search terms, the search terms appear below the Narrow By heading in the left pane, and the filtered list of results appears in the right pane.

Note: When these searches contain multiple terms, Lexis Advance Quicklaw processes the searches as terms & connectors searches and returns only results containing all of the entered terms.

To clear this search, select Clear search at the top of the results list.

Additional filters (Content Type, Sources, Subscription, etc.)

You can also filter your results by specific criteria identified by the headings below the Search Within Results box. These headings vary, depending on the type of content you are viewing.

Select a heading, if necessary, to open the list of corresponding filters, then select the filter you want to apply. The selected filter appears below the Narrow By heading in the left pane, and the filtered list of results appears in the right pane. To select multiple filters of the same type, select Select multiple. A box appears listing the available filters. Select the filters you want and select OK.

Note: Lexis Advance Quicklaw processes multiple filters of the same type by returning all results associated with any of the selected filters.

To clear any filters, select the X to the right of the filter's name. To clear all filters, select Clear.

To mark the listed filters as a favourite, select the "empty" star (Save as favourite filter). For more information, see Marking a filter as a favourite (from a Results list)

Note: To search within your results for counsel, choose the Counsel option under Narrow By. For more information on searching within results for counsel, see How do I search within results by counsel name? for details.
Select/clear all items on current page

Select to mark an item or group of items. When you select one of the toolbar icons (add to folder, print, download, and so on), the corresponding action will be applied to all marked items.

  • When the checkbox at the top of the list is clear, select it to mark all items on the current page. When selected, select it again to remove the mark from all items on the page.
  • When the checkbox next to a given item is clear, select it to mark the item. When selected, select it again to remove the mark from the item.
Add to folder

Select this to add the marked items to a folder. If you select the icon, but no items are marked, a message appears indicating the results list itself will be added to a folder.

Delivery Options Button

Select the delivery options button to print (Print), email (Email), or download (Download) the selected items or to send them to Dropbox (Send to Dropbox).

The delivery options button contains both an icon and a drop-down arrow. The icon that appears may vary, depending on the type of delivery you last performed. If the icon identifies the action you want to take, and you do not want to change the existing delivery settings, select the icon to perform the desired action. If you do not want to perform a different type of delivery, and/or if you want to view or change the delivery settings, select the drop-down arrow and choose the option you want from the menu that appears. Also select the drop-down arrow if you want to select the printer-friendly option. For more information, see What is document delivery?

Important: The printer-friendly option shows only the currently displayed page of the list. If you want to print a list that is longer than one page (when displayed on the computer), you will need to display each page you want to print and select the printer-friendlly on each of those pages.
Access Now

Active only when one or more items outside your subscription are marked. Select this to access the marked items. After the Additional Charges Will Apply dialogue box appears, verify that the items you want to access are selected. Clear the checkboxes of any items you do not want to access, or select Cancel to close the dialogue box without accessing any of the selected documents. Otherwise, select Access Now ($) to agree to the listed access charges. Lexis Advance Quicklaw saves the selected items in History as accessed items and displays them on the Accessed ($) Items page as if you had selected the activity from History. At this point, you can save the items to a folder, print, download, or email them.

Jump to

Appears in snapshot view only. Select a content type from this list to go directly to the snapshot view for that content type.

Sort by

Appears only when a content type is selected. By default, results are listed in order of relevance. Select an option from this list to sort the results in a different order.

PaginationIdentifies the number of the page that is currently displayed. Select a different page number to display that page or select the right or left arrow to display the previous or next page.

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