How do I restrict my search to a specific jurisdiction?

You can restrict your search to a specific jurisdiction in one of these ways.

From Explore Content:

  1. Select Federal or State under Explore Content.
  2. Select the content you want to search in.
  3. On the search form that appears, select Search all sources on this page or select the specific sources you want to search in.
    Note: If you have selected any other filters for this search, they will be replaced by your selection.
  4. Select the search button ( Search ).

To restrict your search using the Jurisdiction filter:

  1. On the search form, enter your search terms in the search box.
  2. Select the down arrow (more) to the right of the Search: Everything button.
  3. Select Jurisdiction under Narrow By: on the left.
  4. Select one or more checkboxes for the jurisdictions you want to restrict your search to. For example, to restrict your results to a Federal jurisdiction and the Ohio jurisdiction, select the checkboxes for the Federal jurisdiction you want and for Ohio. The selections you make from the filters are displayed next to Narrow By as you select them. To remove a filter, select the Remove favorite next to it.
  5. To include non-jurisdictional sources in your search, select Include non-jurisdictional content.
  6. To include Federal sources in your search that are related to any jurisdictions you selected, select Include related Federal content.
  7. Select the Search button.

Your results will contain documents only from the jurisdictions you selected.

Note: The selections you make from Jurisdiction will be displayed on the search form and used for future searches until you change it.

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