How do I restrict my Federal search to a particular jurisdiction?

You can restrict a Federal search to use a specific jurisdiction within the Federal system using filters. To restrict your search, use one of the following methods.

From Explore Content:

  1. Select the Federal tab.
  2. Select the content you want to search in.
  3. On the search form that appears, select the specific court you want to search in.
    Note: If you have selected any other filters for this search, they will be replaced by your selection.
  4. Select the search button ( Search ).

From the search box:

  1. On the search form, enter your search terms in the search box.
  2. Select the down arrow (more) to the right of the Search: Everything button.
  3. Select Jurisdiction.
  4. Select one or more checkboxes for the Federal jurisdictions you want to restrict your search to. You can select jurisdictions by court or by circuit.
  5. Select the search button ( Search ).

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