How do I rerun a search?

You can use the Research Map to rerun a search. To rerun a search follow these steps.

  1. Display the Research Map by selecting Research Map at the bottom of the History pod on the home page or by selecting the History button at the top of any page and selecting Research Map at the bottom of the list that appears.
  2. On the Research Map page, find the search you want to rerun by using the Search Within History option in the left pane and/or by selecting options from within the View by, Client, and Date filters.
  3. In the right pane, select the Search icon (Search) of the search you want to rerun.
  4. Under Actions, select Rerun search.
    Note: In some cases, you can also choose to run the search as a different type by selecting either Run as terms & connectors or Run as natural language (depending on which type the original search was run). For more information, see What is natural language vs. terms & connectors searching?

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